We help you stand out

We are a responsible partner for your company’s marketing and visibility needs.

PunaMusta Oy is a responsible marketing partner for your company’s visibility needs

We help your brand stand out impressively – and responsibly!  We serve you personally and help you find the right solutions for your company’s needs. Our services include the design, content production and printing of magazines, newspapers, advertising matter and communication materials. We also offer large screen, visibility and lighting solutions for your facilities, events and outdoor advertising. We support your company’s success with solutions for digital visibility, brand management and product information management. We also take care of media sales for Tampere Tram’s wrap ads and digital screens, as well as the digital screens on Central Square.

We take care of your brand responsibly

For example, we offer our customers tangible ways to achieve their responsibility goals by offering carbon-neutral printing products and actively directing our customers to make eco-friendly choices such as using recycled materials and materials with a lower environmental load. We help our customers plan and produce the most sustainable and long-term solutions – whether you need marketing materials for shops or website design. Our designers are trained to consider accessibility in digital solutions. Read our sustainability guide for our partners or you can load the pdf.

Our versatile services support your marketing

PunaMusta Oy is part of the Finnish media, visibility, printing and digital group PunaMusta Media Oyj, which employs approximately 810 specialists. The group’s turnover was approximately EUR 134 million in 2022. Jari Avellan is PunaMusta Oy’s Head of Business Visibility and Printing Business.

In addition to PunaMusta Oy, the PunaMusta group includes PunaMusta Coloro Oy, a specialist in event and corporate visibility solutions; PunaMusta Profilight Oy, an expert in lighting and digital display solutions; Exove Oy, a multitalent in digital service development and brand management; and RockOn Oy, a specialist in product information management.

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